Some notes on the recipes below:

The ingredients/products in these recipes are ones my family enjoys.

Please feel free to change, add, or subtract ingredients/products to suit your own tastes.

The recipes are intended to be vegetarian, not vegan.

But in many cases, they could be easily altered to be vegan.


I will be continuing to add recipes to the ones below. Please check by often to see what's new!


Cincinnati Chili

Can Can Chili


Far East Beef Casserole

"Beef" Chow Mein

Sweet and Sour "Chicken"

Shepherd's Pie

"Chicken" Caesar Wraps


Stuffed Peppers

Curried Seitan

"Sausage" Casserole

Mince "Meat"


Reuban Casserole

Vegetarian Paella

"Beef" Stew

Southwest Casserole

Mexican Stir Fry

"Chicken" Noodle Soup



These are not really meat related, but are yummy nonetheless.

Tomato Pesto

Pesto Salad

Vegan Brownies



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