Funstuff Frequently Asked Questions

I get a number of e-mails every week that ask very similiar questions about my games. I would like to try to answers some of those questions here.


How do I unstuff the games?

These games are Bin-Hexed files. You will need to have the application Stuffit Expander to unstuff them.


What is an .hqx file?

An .hqx file is a Bin-Hexed file. You will need to have the application Stuffit Expander to unstuff this file.


Why am I having trouble unzipping your game?

The file is a Bin-Hexed file not a zip file. Odds are you have a non-Macintosh computer. My games are currently for Macintosh computer only.


Why can't I get the file I downloaded to open on my IBM/PC?

The file won't open on your IBM because these games can only be played on a Macintosh computer.


Your game seems to be missing an .EXE file. Can you send it to me?

The game file doesn't have an .EXE file. It is a Macintosh file and self-contained.


Will your games ever be available for a PC?

At this time the applications I use to create my games are Macintosh only. If those applications ever become cross-platform, then I will happily create my games for both platforms.


Do you know of anyone who creates games that are similiar to yours for a PC?

I can't personally recommend any similiar PC games. However there are many links on my Lots O'Links page that have games that are available for downloading for both computer platforms.



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